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MRCP Part - 1

Training schedule & dates for year 2019
The course is postponed due to some unforeseen circumstances. We will keep the website updated if we choose to start the course. Request you to follow our website for further updates.

We welcome the MRCP Part-1 aspirants to the redesigned course. The traditional 2 days, 4days, 6 day courses are felt to be inadequate to cover the exhaustive syllabus of Part-1. The design of the course is changed keeping in view the inability of candidates to attend long stretch 6 day course. The course is to be run over 8 full days and 9 Part days about the same number of smaller sessions.

The timetable may be shuffled, but will cover all the mentioned topics.

  • Course covers all the major specialities
  • Teaching of concepts along with answering of MCQ’s
  • In total 150-200 MCQ’s Will be answered with the faculty Members
  • Mock test includes 100 MCQ’s

Dr Mahender V

Teaching by specialists who have trained and worked in the UK (MRCP/FRCP).

  • Course fees:  65,000 INR per candidate.
  • Course fees includes refreshments only.
  • Course fees does not include accommodation, transport and airport pick up.
  • For a special Airport Package, please contact administration.
Day Session Topic
Wed AM Cardiology
PM Pulmonology/Allergies
Thu AM Endocrinology
PM Neurology
Fri AM Gastroenterology/Hepatology
PM Nephrology
Sat AM Rheumatology/Bone diseases/Immunology
PM Infectious diseases
Sun AM Haematology/Oncology/Dermatology
PM Miscellaneous (Ophth, Psych, Genetics)/ Mock Exam

Saturday Session Time Table

Date Time Topic
06.07.2019 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM Neurology
13.07.2019 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM Endocrinology and Metabolism
20.07.2019 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM Pulmonology and Critical Care
27.07.2019 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM GIT and Hepatology
03.08.2019 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM Cardiology
10.08.2019 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM Rheumatology and Nephrology
17.08.2019 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM Oncology and Hematology
24.08.2019 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM Misc topics and Biostatistics

Tuesday Session Time Table

Date Time Topic
02.07.2019 06:00 PM – 08:30 PM Neurology
09.07.2019 06:00 PM – 08:30 PM Endocrinology and Metabolism
16.07.2019 06:00 PM – 08:30 PM Pulmonology and Critical Care
23.07.2019 06:00 PM – 08:30 PM GIT and Hepatology
30.07.2019 06:00 PM – 08:30 PM Cardiology
06.08.2019 06:00 PM – 08:30 PM Rheumatology and Nephrology
13.08.2019 06:00 PM – 08:30 PM Oncology and Hematology
20.08.2019 06:00 PM – 08:30 PM Misc topics and Biostatistics
27.08.2019 06:00 PM – 08:30 PM 100 MCQ test and discussion

NB: This is the overall schedule but is subject to change in the last minute.

In view of our close association with Innovate Medical Centre, which is the International PACES examination centre at Hyderabad, the following rule is strictly implemented : Candidates who have done any training at Oslers are prohibited from attempting PACES Exam in Hyderabad with in a year of their attendance at Oslers. Your data will be shared with the RCP and you are also expected to inform the RCP.

By registering on this course you are agreeing to the following

  • Your position on the course is not secure until course fee is received in full
  • Fee payment has to be made by direct account transfer only. Cash payments, Cheques and other modes of payment are not accepted
  • As per requirements of the law, the Academy needs to identify and maintain records of all financial transactions. Candidates that have made fee payments need to provide a copy of their national identity
  • For foreign nationals, the Academy provides confirmation of a seat on the course and a letter to the Indian Embassy; it does not take the responsibility of getting a Visa to the foreign national
  • The Academy respects the privacy of the candidates. No data will be shared to anybody without prior consent of the candidates. However, the Academy reserves the right to display the result and feedback of the candidates after they pass their exams, unless the candidates ask in writing not to do so
  • As some of the Oslers Faculty can be PACES examiners, you agree to inform the PACES examination if you encounter any of the Osler’s faculty at the PACES exam)

Cancellation & Refund Policy :

  1. The fee is non-refundable if cancelled one week prior to the start date of the course.
  2. The fee may be transferable to another course, upon specific discretion of the Academy
  3. The fee may be transferable to another candidate exceptionally, upon specific discretion of the Academy
  4. Due to any unforeseen circumstances like natural calamities, political upheavals, accidents, the Academy cannot be held responsible for any disruptions in the course including cancellations. Appropriate fee refund will be arranged in such circumstances.