Dr.Anjana Sudheesan

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When I read those four lettered word “pass” 2 days ago (in my first attempt), undoubtedly I was over the moon. OSLERS Academy came to mind almost instantaneously. I had attended their course just 10 days before the exam (regretted that I hadn’t approached them earlier). I say this because MRCP PACES is viewed as a mammoth of an exam by almost everyone and it requires apart from knowledge and skill, multiple factors like confidence, structured approach and luck !! I genuinely believe the team at oslers does an amazing job at breaking down this exam from a candidate as well as from an examiners point of view which goes a far way in our prep for the exam. They have a wide selection of cases in their bank and extremely humble and genuinely concerned staff who help to fine tune our techniques/communication. Thank you for helping me and so many others achieve our goals. Wishing you all more success!