Dr.Suma Karinjappallil

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She has cleared PACES Exam in November 2018

His Testimonial, It is with humble gratitude that I wish to inform you that I have passed the MRCP PACES examination conducted on October 18, 2018, held in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, scoring 152/172. A diamond, no matter the size requires careful polishing and finer refining, to enable value realization and make it worthwhile. The more the perfection imparted to this process more the value enhancement. Similarly, all the GURUS, and YOU specially, at Oslers Academy perform this task to the highest level of professionalism and commitment, in spite of busy schedules, imparting knowledge gained from immense experiences raising the performance levels of the Medicos attending the PACES Course and enabling students like me to approach the PACES exams with confidence. I only wish that I had known of such an illuminating course earlier so that I could have taken advantage of the teachings of the experts in this field. The success of any project lies not only in the hands of the main players but also in the efforts of the support staff and I can vouch for the sincerity and dedication shown by all the members of your Academy. I, once again, thank all the Faculty and Staff at Oslers Academy for helping me attain new heights in my academics and I must admit that, even though my experience is only a day old – I got my results only yesterday – the air at this exalted level is what I have been striving to breathe all these years. THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING MY DREAM COME TRUE. With warm regards, Dr. Suma K.P.