Selva Saravanan

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I signed up for the course literally on the last possible minute. I really appreciate that the online support for sign up was spontaneous even though I had mailed in my query on Republic day. Regarding the classes itself – I did the PACES Extended – I think it was very well structured. The demonstration of the technique of examination by Dr. Mahender sir and Dr. Praveen sir were very practical and useful. How the cases were demonstrated was also very systematic and allowed for interaction with the staff. We spent a lot of time with Mahender sir and Praveen sir and were only the better for it. Both their approach to demonstrating cases were good although different.

I’am sorry that I’am not able to point out areas for you guys to improve because I really appreciate the course in its current format. I feel I benefitted from it both in my exams and in day to day practice as well. And the fact that I cleared the exam is testimony to the fact that the course was useful!

Thank you to all the teachers and the support staff.
Best wishes in the amazing work that you are doing to help medical students and graduates all over.